Building software, healthcare,
and tech-enabled service
businesses with remarkable

Building software, healthcare, and tech-enabled service businesses with remarkable people.

We love entrepreneurial stories where people, ideas, strategy, technology, and capital come together to create value in a market. We're here to help you write your life's unwritten chapters, and work hard together on what will make them come true.

What story will you tell?


We invest our time and personal capital alongside a few exceptional family offices and institutions into three primary strategies.

We know how hard, and rewarding, the ETA path can be - we've been there ourselves. As a former CEO who acquired, grew, and exited a business via a traditional search fund, we enjoy coaching and mentoring the next generation of acquisition entrepreneurs.

We are particularly excited about investing in entrepreneurs with a unique software, healthcare, or tech-enabled service thesis in a compelling industry where we can be a true value add board member.

What we look for:

  • Entrepreneurial spirit, coachable, rational
  • Demonstrated track record of success
  • MBA from a top school, special forces military, or entrepreneurial track record
  • Good nature as a human
  • Clear industry thesis or investment ideas

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We partner with business owners who care deeply about their people, customers, and legacy, and want to ensure their business is in capable hands.

We are a unique and flexible solution, and believe we can build upon the foundation that founders have worked so hard to create.

What we look for:

  • Predictable revenue
  • Low single digit customer attrition
  • Long term secular growth tailwinds
  • Significant free cash flow generation
  • Clear path to growth

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